Tips To Choose The Right Business Phone Systems For Your Organization

The right selection of the business phone systems in any business organization depends on two factors: size of the business and how many extensions are needed. Whether you are a small or big organization, it is important to have a business phone system. In the market, you will be able to find four different types of the business telephone systems.

These different business phone systems are:

  1. Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems
  2. Key Systems
  3. KSU-Less Phones
  4. Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP)

These systems have their own features and are able to support different individual requirements. We shall further talk about these in detail so you can choose the right machine for your requirement.

The key phones can be used to mainly control the system with an extra device which is called the key system unit or KSU. These phones have an extra feature which is not available in the ordinary phone systems. With the help of a key phone system, you will be able to make calls even to any other office or department within the organization. The permit of this line is with a single user only. You will be able to manage more forty to fifty different lines with this feature present in the key phone systems. If you are running an organization which is small or at a medium scale, these phone systems will be best suited for your needs. The prices for such a phone system range from $350 to $1000. This price is per a single user. The cost can also fluctuate on the features being used.

Now if you have a bigger organization and need more than forty to fifty lines, then your best option is the private branch exchange (PBX) systems. If we see back in past, these machines were huge and were tough to use. With the advancement of technology, the private branch exchange systems are now portable and can be accommodated even on a desk. The features have not been reduced with size but made better. As we advance in the technology, there are private branch exchange systems which can even be programmed as per the need of the organization. This is a feature which should definitely make you invest in this machinery. This will cost you around eight hundred dollars to thousand dollars. this will be the best option for you if you have employees more than 100 in your organization. Smaller versions are also available in the private branch exchange (PBX) systems.

If you have a small start-up but have the requirement of feature given by the PBX systems, then you may think about the KSU-less phone systems. This is a good option for you as this is portable and can be moved when you plan to move into a bigger place to expand in future. It does not need permanent wiring even. It can accommodate maximum 10 extensions or users.

The VoIP is the latest machinery in business telephone systems. This can be used in all types of organizations. It is going to be of a great use to your organization if you need to make international and long distance calls.

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