Babies do not have hard knee caps

Pregnancy brings a lot of questions in mind. In this nine months tenure the person bearing the new life in her womb do face a lot of physical and mental issues. They also have a lot of queries most of which are catered by the gynaecologist.

But when the time comes for delivery the would be mother also has a lot of questions regarding the new born baby and those queries are really valid. One such valid question is ‘do baby have knee caps when born’? Well, the answer could be ‘a yes’, ‘a no’ or ‘a would be’. Well, the question is very straight forward and simple but the answer to this question is not that simple. Because, this question has a sort of ambiguous answer.

We all know that adults do have knee caps. Adults have a flat portion of knee with a circular bone on it which is known as the patella. This is located at the front of the bottom end of the femur bone which is again a long bone that holds the thigh. This is again connected by the tendon with the muscle which is there in front of the thigh and also by another ligament to the tibia bone of the lower portion of the leg. Now the question is why the patella is there? It is there for a purpose for sure. What is that? It helps with the extension of the knee. This patella thing actually increases the leverage of the tendon so that the thigh muscles can exert on the femur and helps your leg to work better.

But does this remain present the moment a baby is born? Well, according to doctors when a baby is born, they do have a patella, but at this point of time, the patella is not made of bone. It remains there as a piece of cartilage in the knee portion of the baby which gradually turns into a bone when the baby grows up eventually. This entire process of the change of a cartilage to a full formed bone is known as the ossification. In fact, patella is not an exception. In a new born baby’s body, most of the bones remain as cartilages in the initial stage which slowly turns into bones once the baby is growing up.

According to medical research and science the ossification or the formation of bone on the knee cartilage starts not before the age of three. During this age, the area of the bone starts foaming along with the cartilage present as a patella and then it gradually grows up as a bone knee cap. Even the doctors say that the bone patella is not formed fully until a child reaches its puberty. So if you ask whether a new born baby has a bone knee cap then the answer is not because they only have a cartilage knee cap. So they are not formed hardly.

Do new born have knee caps? Hence the answer is clearly given.