Tips to select the best and most fitting bunk bed

There is no need to struggle when trying to determine the appropriate bunk bed type for the children. This is because of the advent of several online reputed sites that has been promoting various types of bunk beds to suit all requirements, needs and budget. The different types will easy fit any room size and the needs of the family. These can be termed to be just perfect if the person is eager to get a bed which will help precious space. While selecting a bunk bed, there is a genuine need to choose the right one which will perfectly fit the available space.


Childrens bunk beds with drawers may be found with two beds, which could be arranged in various types of fashions. Few bunk beds are provided with the option to become two separate beds. Such feature is termed to be just excellent, as it allows the user to be provided with two separate beds as the child grows older. Three different sized bunk beds can be found, which includes twin over full, twin over twin and full over full. Twin over twin is considered to be the most popular one as it takes up minimum space and is quite affordable on the pocket. There are many who prefer to choose full over full, since children are likely to outgrow those twin sized beds.

Bunk beds with ladder

When checking out bunk beds with drawers online, it will be useful to look at another feature, which is, if it has ladder or staircase to reach the top bunk. In almost all the cases, the ladder type is likely to be much affordable when compared to the staircase. But the latter is considered to be much safer for children as the risks involved are quite less.

At the same time, the bunk beds may come fitted with storage drawers or simply trundle bed. Having storage drawers can be an interesting feature, as it can help to store clothes underneath the bed. At the same time, the trundle can be found to be handy, if a third kid requires using the bed or if there are plenty of guests in the home and require some place to sleep.

Other types

There are also present other types of beds which are worth the try and effort. For instance, futon bunk beds are likely to be found interesting by some. These are popularly used in homes and college dorm setting. They allow the person to sleep at the top bunk, while making a wonderful place for relaxing at the bottom bunk. They are just fabulous to be used, since they do so save a good amount of space and add up additional space for sleeping.

But the truth is, when trying to select the right type of bunk bed for the family, it will entirely depend upon the number of accommodations that are present for sleeping purpose and the need for proper space. Using such beds will also help the child’s room to become more spacious, while allowing plenty of room for increased activities.