What to expect from a pediatric ENT and cardiologist

Planning to locate a pediatric ENT specialist Thane? They are the best people to detect and prevent ear related infections of your kids. When you go on to visit them, they will have a look at the X-rays, CT scans you may have done. You will be asked details about the medical history of your child, more about the infections of the child, how long they used to clear them up and the medicines which are being utilized in this regard. Since the practice of each and every doctor will be different it’s hard to figure out what your ENT specialist will do, but following the standard mechanisms which they go on to adopt in most cases.

  • If the ENT figures out that the pus is built around the ears of your kid, which is the prime reason for infection and is compromising your hearing decibels lower than 40 decibels. In such a scenario, he puts tympanostomy tubes in the ears. With the help of these tubes, proper drainage, of the pus out of the ear occurs, which keeps the ear behind the eardrum clean. It reduces the chances of any form of future infections as well. This is one of the common types of childhood surgeries, but often the need for tubes is not explicitly specified. If you are concerned, then specifically ask the reasons on why the tubes are in place, and whether you need to wait for them to be placed
  • If the child’s hearing and speech are not affected dramatically by the recurring ear infections, the doctor may place them under observation. This is done by a dosage of antibiotics, for a few months to observe whether the infections persist. But a point to consider here is that there are certain side effects of regular usage of medicines like diaper rash, infection, etc.
  • Last but this is the least kind of situation which is likely to happen, is that the ENT specialist may drain the pus that is pooled in the ears of your child. But many doctors do not prefer this as it is a form of a tube surgery, and future infections occurring are not sure.

When the doctor calls

Ear infections along with problems in the heart do require timely intervention, and in the case of a later you can get in touch with a pediatric cardiologist in Thane. Most often the problems of the heart can be detected only by further analysis.

Ear infections are one of the common medical ailments after a cough or cold. This means that we would have shown our child to a specialist at some point in time. It is quite ok to expect an antibiotic to be prescribed, but the modern-day doctors do not operate in that manner. Their first target is to find out whether you child has any form of infection in the ears.

Some of the infections are caused by viruses, like the germs which are responsible for colds. When there is an inflated eardrum along with fever, you are of the opinion that it is caused by bacteria. It is not easy for the doctors to tell and if there were no fever, the child would be still having some infection.

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