A Guide to Physical Fitness through Cycling

Many people are conscious that their modern lifestyle is a little too convenient, and are looking for a way to lose a few pounds and redefine those sagging muscles. Cycling is an activity that allows the rider to dictate the level of energy consumed, and by starting with suitable speeds and distances, one can gradually develop one’s physical fitness to any desired level. If you would like to achieve a high level of fitness through cycling, here are some helpful hints to help you reach your goals.

  • The Right Bike – Modern cycles are light, strong, and can easily reach speeds of 40 mph, if the rider wishes to push it, and your first bike should be suitable for the kind of cycling you prefer. Road riding is the preferred way to achieve a high level of fitness, and the bike would ideally have at least 10 gears and disc brakes front and rear.
  • The Right Clothing– It is important to wear the right type of clothing when cycling. A modern cycling jersey would be made from special fabric that breathes and allows perspiration to be absorbed, while riding shorts are designed not to cause friction. Safety is, of course, an issue, so you need to wear reflective strips and also make sure your bike has lights front and rear. The right sized cycling helmet is essential and a good pair of leather cycling gloves will stop your hands from getting blisters.
  • Create a Riding Schedule – Start with a month, and every week you should be looking to increase your distance and increase speed. For this reason, you should buy a speedometer that will always keep you informed about distance and speed. Cycling is a little bit like running, in as much as you need to set your own pace, and by trial and error, you will manage to consistently reduce your times.
  • Join a Cycling Club – Once you can easily ride 20 miles in a single session, it is time to source the right cycling club, where you can enjoy challenging rides with others. This gets the competitive element going, which will give you the motivation to improve. Like any other sport, there are barriers to break through, and with the encouragement of the club coach, your fitness levels will improve. Most clubs have their own cycling jersey, and you will likely be issued a number to wear, when out with the club riders.
  • The Right Diet – Expending huge amounts of energy requires the right diet, which must be balanced and contain adequate protein and carbohydrates, along with essential vitamins and minerals. The Internet is a great source of information and you can find the right diet plan that ensures your body is fully nourished. You will need a constant supply of drinking water while in the saddle, so make sure you have a few water bottles fitted and fill them when you stop for any reason.

Cycling is a great way to improve physical fitness and if you join a cycling club, you will receive an introduction to competitive riding, and this is the key to physical fitness.